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MMA Top 10 Bantamweights: Brian Bowles Is the Best in the World

For the first time in a very, very long time, Miguel Torres is not the best bantamweight in mixed martial arts. No, Brian Bowles, who dominated Torres in a first-round knockout Sunday night at WEC 42, is now the best of the bantamweights.

But while some might think it hurts the WEC to have a popular and famous champion go down, I think Bowles beating Torres has reinvigorated the bantamweight division. Bowles vs. Dominick Cruz, a rematch between Torres and Takeya Mizugaki and fights involving Rani Yahya, Manny Tapia, Akitoshi Tamura and Joseph Benavidez (who should move down to flyweight as soon as the WEC adds 125-pounders) are all on the horizon. That makes the bantamweight division more exciting than ever. The list of the top 10 bantamweights is below.

Top 10 Bantamweights in MMA
1. Brian Bowles
2. Miguel Torres
3. Takeya Mizugaki
4. Dominick Cruz
5. Rani Yahya
6. Joseph Benavidez
7. Masakatsu Ueda
8. Eduardo Dantas
9. Manny Tapia
10. Akitoshi Tamura

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