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UFC 101 Live Blog: BJ Penn vs. Kenny Florian Round-by-Round Updates

PHILADELPHIA -- This is the UFC 101 live blog for BJ Penn vs. Kenny Florian, the lightweight championship and main event of the pay-per-view card.

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The live blog begins below.

Round one: Penn with an early right that got the crowd riled but didn't do much otherwise. Penn stalking Florian, who dances around the perimeter. They clinch against the cage at 2:30. Penn lands a few knees to the legs there. Florian looks for the takedown but Penn stops it. Florian looked for the single leg. Penn defends. Florian manages a short elbow against the fence. Penn hurt him with a right near the end of the round. Florian visibly stumbled after a right, but was able to ride it out. FanHouse scores the round for Penn, 10-9.

Round two: Florian with a hard inside leg kick. Penn's knee buckled. Florian tries another takedown, but Penn with his incredible balance, hops to the fence and stops it. Florian is intent on getting Penn to the ground, but it's not happening for him. Penn scores with an uppercut coming out of the clinch. Florian throws a head kick that knocks the spit out of Penn's mouth but just grazed him. We'll see if Florian can figure something else out, because his current strategy isn't working. FanHouse scores a close round for Penn, 10-9.

Round three: Penn trying to cut off the ring now as Florian looks for space. They clinch again. Florian tries to get underneath him for the takedown but Penn isn't having it. Florian does land an elbow that makes Penn wince. With 1:10 left, Penn moves forward with a wild right that misses. He checks the clock. Penn lands a combo with :30 left, one of the few times we've seen more than one move. Just before the round ends, Penn lands another punch. FanHouse scores the round for Penn, 10-9.

Round four: Off a broken clinch, Penn gets aggressive with two straight rights, then he easily scoops up Florian for the takedown slam. Florian hasn't landed a single takedown and Penn lands his first easily. Penn throws a series of sharp elbows and Florian's eye swells immediately. Penn tries to mount, but can't. Still, he continues his series of strikes. At 2:00, he earns full mount, then gets Florian's back. Penn kicks at Florian's ribs, then sinks in the choke. Florian tries to escape but taps.

Winner: Penn by rear naked choke submission

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