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UFC 101 Live Blog: Kendall Grove vs. Ricardo Almeida Round-by-Round Updates

PHILADELPHIA -- This is the UFC 101 live blog for Kendall Grove vs. Ricardo Almeida, a middleweight matchup on the televised portion of the pay-per-view card.

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The live blog is below.

Round one: Almeida bull-rushes him early looking to take the fight down. Long series of clinchwork against the fence, and they eventually split. Grove lands a knee to the body. Almeida catches it, tries another takedown, but Grove stuffs it. The "Big Dog" is a bulldog, though, and eventually uses a trip to take Grove down. Almeida hit a series of knees to the ribs as the round wound down. Almeida then scooped him up and slammed him down. FanHouse scores the round for Almeida, 10-9.

Round two: Almeida takes him down easy this round. Grove tried an arm bar. It looked deep. Almeida somehow escaped. Brilliant defense or pure guts, maybe both. Almeida back on top. He opens up with a few elbows and punches as Grove tries to free himself. Almeida scores with several more punches until Grove finally escapes with one minute left. Grove scores with an uppercut and a knee to the face with 30 seconds remaining but can't put together any sustained offense. Almeida takes him down again as the round ends. FanHouse scores the round for Almeida, 10-9.

Almeida landed a big right and turned it into a takedown combination, though this time Grove got right back to his feet. Almeida tried a flying arm bar at 3:30 to no avail. Coming out of a clinch, Grove landed a knee. Almeida seems to be tiring, but takes Grove down with 2:20 left. Grove tried to set up a gogoplata with 1:10 remaining, but Almeida avoided danger. With 30 seconds left, Grove got up, but it was too little, too late. FanHouse scores the round for Almeida, 10-9 to complete the shutout.

Winner: Ricardo Almeida via unanimous decision

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