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UFC 101 Live Blog: Anderson Silva vs. Forrest Griffin Round-by-Round Updates

PHILADELPHIA -- This is the UFC 101 live blog for Anderson Silva vs. Forrest Griffin, the co-main event of the pay-per-view card.

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The live blog begins below.

Round one: Forrest runs to take center of cage as is his custom. Silva, as is his, starts patiently. Silva catches a leg kick, and hits him with a hard right. Silva rocks him with a right. Forrest falls, catches his balance and gets back up. SIlva stuns him again. Flashing power now. Silva urges Forrest on, pulls his hands now, lets Forrest try. Forrest can't touch him. Silva lands a hard right, floors him. Silva follows him down, then lets him up. He's toying with him. He offers Griffin a hand up. Griffin eschews it. Silva floors him with a seen-to-be-believed falling backward right jab that catches him on the chin and it's lights out for Forrest. Suddenly the crowd loves Silva again.

Winner: Silva by KO

That showed the very wide chasm between very good and great. Silva absolutely toyed with Griffin and still put him away in less than a round. Immediately after getting off the canvas, Griffin got up and ran out of the cage and straight to the book. He has said himself he's a sore loser, and that wasn't exactly the classy way to handle a defeat, but I guess you can't blame him.

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