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UFC Twitter Predictions: B.J. Penn vs. Kenny Florian at UFC 101

I asked the followers on my UFC Twitter page to give me their predictions of the UFC 101 lightweight title fight between BJ Penn and Kenny Florian in 140 characters or less, and we got a wide range of answers from 14 people who like Penn to remain champion, and 11 who think Florian will pull off the upset.

Read all the Penn vs. Florian UFC 101 Twitter predictions below.

Penn wins:
John_S_Adams: BJ Penn is going to be motivated and ready for Kenny. I expect a completely different BJ than what we saw against GSP.

Tito1984: This bout is between BJ Penn and his physical condition. This time, I think that BJ will win the battle against himself :)

mattpack: KenFlo is a great fighter, but there's nothing in BJ's recent history to suggest any weakness at 155 - BJ by TKO

hirakawa: BJ Penn by sick Ground n Pound, third round.

fredgordo: BJ Penn will win. He looks in excellent condition, and they don't call him "the prodigy" for nothing. He'll prove it.

PJHarrison: Penn is stronger & also made of rubber. I think BJ takes it in the 3rd but great fight on the ground.

teddykgb91: KenFlo has improved but isn't on BJ's level. BJ's camp hasn't been surrounded with yes men this time w/ Nick Diaz, Jake Shields, etc.

Russ_Whitelock: BJ Penn because he can jump out of a pool with no hands! Florian can't do that!

tj8984: BJ. BJ is better in every area of the game. And he should be motivated after the destruction he got from GSP.

Econbehemoth18: BJ Penn because in every aspect of the fight game, Penn is slightly better. Florian doesn't have a single trump card.

drsippi: BJ wins because Florian is not on his level. Florian does not impress me. BJ has something to prove since GSP debacle.

OldLineDevil: Penn, perhaps by decision. Florian has grown leaps and bounds, yet Penn remains the star at his appropriate weight class.

SwamiG8R: Tough one here, I just think Penn has better ground game and will eventually put Flo down and submit him in the 2nd

ason29ID: BJ should win with improving cardio, jujitsu, & boxing skills. Only question is tap, TKO or the score cards. Hopefully.

Florian wins:
MMA_Narcisist: Kenny wins because regardless how many advantages BJ has over him, he lacks one of the most important Heart & Determination.

emfleek: Florian wins a unanimous decision by frustrating Penn with supreme Muay Thai and superior cardio. VIVA LA FLORIAN!

jorbrad96: - Florian is a thinking relentless & adaptable fighter. BJ doesn't gameplan & isn't pushed in training at his own place.

rickyteddyb: Ken Flo wins by decision with great striking. BJ is slipping. Also match will be a BJJ fan's dream. A lot of rubber guard.

hostersavsci: Kenny Florian beats Penn & Forrest beats Anderson Silva because I've been praying really, really hard for it to happen ;-)

Kdahlenburg: Ken Flo wins by BJ gassing out. He will be in the best shape of his life and he doesn't quit. BJ will quit when Ken doesn't.

miguelmontana: Kenny Florian Wins because his BJJ is awesome and so is BJ's, but i think Kenny's stand up game is greater than BJ's boxing.

FullGuardMMA: Forrest bcuz no 1 expects him 2, Kenny bcuz he's on a mission and much improved from his last title shot. Amir wins in 2.

timothyrseitz: Kenny beats BJ. Because Kenny cares more about beating BJ than BJ cares about beating Kenny.

JasonArmistead: KFlo because I think he just wants it more and BJ is just too lazy and taking his skills for granted. It will be great!

rmann18: Tough call. Inside 1.5 rounds it is BJ's fight, and anything past that is Kenny's. Round 3 TKO for the new champ!

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