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UFC Twitter Mailbag: Backlash Against Fedor Emelianenko, Strikeforce

Fedor Emelianenko is happy, M-1 Global is happy, Strikeforce is happy and Showtime is happy that Fedor, the heavyweight champion of mixed martial arts, has made a deal with America's No. 2 MMA promotion. But a whole lot of people are unhappy that Fedor didn't sign with the world's No. 1 MMA promotion, and so today's UFC Twitter mailbag is heavy on anti-Fedor backlash.

Your questions and my answers for our UFC Twitter mailbag are below.

OrangeChuck: Let the bashing of Strikeforce and Fedor begin I guess, I think Strikeforce has some talented heavyweights.
You're certainly right that it's time for the bashing of Strikeforce and Fedor to begin, as yours was the only tweet I got today that said anything positive about either Fedor or Strikeforce. I agree with you that Strikeforce has some talented heavyweights -- I think Brett Rogers, Alistair Overeem and Fabricio Werdum would all be suitable opponents for Fedor. But you and I are clearly in the minority, OrangeChuck.

bigwilliemo: You're crazy! Fedor isn't a game changer! He should have signed with the UFC, RIP Strikeforce...
It would have been great if Fedor had signed with the UFC, and Fedor vs. Brock Lesnar is the fight I most want to see. But if Fedor isn't a game changer, why was UFC President Dana White so intent on signing him?

Catalyst8487: RIP Strikeforce -- the only thing he changes is their good business practice to a bad one.
Wow, two "RIP Strikeforce" tweets. It's true that Fedor has fought for a lot of promotions that have gone belly-up, including Affliction, Bodog Fight, Pride and Rings. But does that really mean Fedor is somehow the cause of these promotions' deaths? I don't think so.

I do think you make a good point, however, when you say that it's possible that Fedor has changed Strikeforce's business practices. We don't yet know the details of the Fedor/Strikeforce contract, but if Strikeforce and Showtime drastically overpaid for his services, then yes: It's possible that signing Fedor could, in hindsight, look like a huge blunder.

Mahavok: So how long will it take Fedor and M-1 to destroy Strikeforce? M-1 is a virus.
I think that's a little unfair to M-1. They've done some interesting things, like launching the M-1 Challenge, and it should tell you something when a smart MMA promoter like Scott Coker wants to do business with them.

emfleek: You're right...GAME OVER.
I sure hope not. I think it's good for MMA that Fedor is fighting in the United States, in a promotion that will match him up with good opponents.

robindurden: I'm done w/ that guy.
I understand your disappointment, but if you're really done with Fedor, you're depriving yourself of watching one of the greatest fighters in history. I'm looking forward to watching his first Strikeforce fight, but it's clear to me from spending some time on Twitter today that a whole lot of UFC fans won't settle for anything other than Fedor inside the Octagon.

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