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UFC 101 Video: B.J. Penn Shows He's in Great Shape vs. Kenny Florian

The knock on BJ Penn throughout his MMA career has been that he doesn't take his conditioning seriously enough. No one can say that about the B.J. Penn taking on Kenny Florian at UFC 101.

The UFC's promotional video for UFC 101 shows more of Penn's working out with the famed Marv Marinovich, a trainer who is controversial because of the way he trained his son, former Raiders quarterback Todd Marinovich, but who is undeniably effective in his methods.

"I always thought I was in good shape, but you just can't compare it to what I'm doing now," Penn said of his work with Marinovich. "He goes in and he finds your weaknesses, and he strengthens it up. It's no comparison."

Marinovich says he's combining world-class conditioning with the world-class MMA skills that Penn already possessed.

"Look out," Marinovich says.

Florian will need to.

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