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UFC Twitter Predictions: Anderson Silva vs. Forrest Griffin at UFC 101

I asked the followers on my UFC Twitter page to give me their predictions of the UFC 101 fight between Anderson Silva and Forrest Griffin in 140 characters or less, and we got a wide range of answers from 18 people who like Silva to stay undefeated in the Octagon, and 11 who think Griffin will pull off the upset.

Read all the Silva vs. Griffin UFC Twitter predictions below.

Silva wins:
JayVeeEn: Silva wins because his standup is far superior and he wants it. When Silva is kept interested, he can't be stopped.

DrFedor: Safe to say that Forrest is tailored made for Silva, he's like Rich Franklin with less skill, Silva by brutal KO.

KamKaimuloa: Silva by KO. Griffin's striking defense and consciousness have miscommunicated at times.

Tito1984: That's a very simple question. Silva is much better and a faster striker than Griffin. Spider by unanimous decision!

uchoo786: Silva will win. People think it's going to be a challenge for him coz of his last 2 but Silva just wasn't challenged in them. Whenever he is challenged he rises up and finishes the fight quickly.

joelmclaughlin: Silva via "precise precision" and a ballet of violence.

eregitano: Silva by speed, accuracy.

leefgomila: Anderson Silva will just overwhelm Griffin... Forrest will definitely give him a hell of a fight though.

CursedDiamonds: Silva, early stoppage. Forrest cuts easily, and Anderson has razor elbows. Bloody mess.

bigwilliemo: Silva wins. It seems to take Forrest a round to warm up, I suspect Silva will end it quickly.

padrickbrewer: Silva is too stellar a striker and too good in the clinch to allow Griffin to wear him down.

rmann18: Silva - he will be forced to fight and Forrest has suspect defense/chin.

SethPoints: Gonna have to say Silva. His skill set is above everyone at 185 and most at 205. His standup is too much for Forrest's chin.

hirakawa: Anderson by 2R KO, due to his super fast hand, kick aaaannnddd KNEE!!!!

DeathCometh: I have to go with Silva, more experience and better conditioning, good stand up as well as ground game.

brent_rogers: Silva by KO beginning of second round, head kick. Silva figures out timing, waits 4 sloppy long jab, and BAP. Nighty nite!

ScottMNinja: Silva. Silva will counter Griffin, Griffin has an average chin Silva will catch him. Goodnight Forrest.

JdashRIDE: Anderson Silva, he is p4p king. Forrest has heart tho. Definitely a tough fight.

Griffin wins:
JTNewton: Griffin...bigger, stronger, and he was formerly a police officer in Athens, GA.

OldLineDevil: Forrest shockingly, by decision. He is pretty tough, and has a knack for showing up in the big ones. This one is huge.

RNeilan: Griffin- I don't know if Silva is going to take this seriously if it's not for his belt. FG always brings it.

tehcourtjester: Griffin will win this one in a war. Anderson hasn't been the same since all this Roy Jones talk started. Griffin by heart!

MMA_Narcisist: Forrest Griffin by TKO. He will use his relentless pace to put Silva on his back like Hendo.won't deviate will stick 2 plan.

Sovich: Forrest Griffin will win because he's an f'ing beast!

terryebush: Forrest b/c if anyone can create & execute a game plan it's Forrest.

Russ_Whitelock: Forrest griffin will win in round 2. I think that Silva may underestimate griffin's speed. Silva has to get KO'd eventually.

BobCervantes: Forrest is tough and is constantly improving. He submitted Rua, and took Rampage's punches. Forrest wins a decision.

PJHarrison: I think Forrest will pull it off unless Silva is the aggressor. Forrest needs to stay out of the muay Thai clinch & watch straight kicks

burrillagsc: Griffin isn't scared to bang and wrestling is his new evolution FLYING KNEE SAYS HE GOES DOWN IN THE 3RD TKO VIA STRIKES.

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