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Steve Ramirez KOs Darvin Wattree in 3 Seconds, Fastest in MMA History

Steve Ramirez earned himself a place in mixed martial arts history last weekend, knocking out Darvin Wattree in three seconds in what is believed to be the quickest KO ever in MMA.

Ramirez, who has previously fought in the WEC, took on Wattree at a minor-league MMA event called "Pure Combat 9: Home Turf" at California's Visalia Convention Center. Declining to touch gloves at the start of the bout, Ramirez simply stepped forward and clocked Wattree with an overhand right, knocking Wattree cold instantly. Ramirez looked like he knew his opponent was out before Wattree even hit the canvas, and he started celebrating even before the ref waved him off.

Ramirez improved his professional MMA record to 7-5. Wattree fell to 2-3.

Here's another angle of the knockout:

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