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Dana White Still Has More News to Break

Dana White may have another big announcement up his sleeve.

The UFC president announced on Friday that he had resigned Tito Ortiz, booked Vitor Belfort vs. Rich Franklin for UFC 103, and signed a new television deal with ESPN UK. However, his biggest announcement may be yet to come.

On a June 1 video blog (above), White said that he was working on a deal that would "literally change the UFC forever and mixed martial arts."

"[UFC CEO] Lorenzo [Fertitta] and I had a killer, killer meeting in Los Angeles today," White said. "And I was hoping that I would be able to tell you about it today, but the way deals go, they take time. So I can't tell you today, but I can tell you, it was a great meeting, and I'm feeling very confident that we're going to get this deal done."

When FanHouse asked White about the announcement on Friday's conference call, he replied, "We're very close right now. We're very, very close.

"We're still working on that. These things take longer than ... I actually thought we could crank it out faster than we did, but it's going to happen, and we're still working on it."

So, what could it be?

The fact that the meeting took place in Los Angeles has led some to believe that it has to do with a network television deal.

"We're always talking to networks," White said. "And I'm confident, I'm very confident that we're going to get a network deal. And like I've always said, once we get the right offer, we will be on network television. We haven't had the right offer yet."

Let me know your best guesses in the comments below.