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MMA Twitter Mailbag: UFC, M-1 and Fedor Emelianenko

Today's MMA Twitter mailbag features a whole lot of questions about Fedor Emelianenko, what's next for him now that his fight at Affliction Trilogy is kaput, and whether we'll ever see him fight in the UFC.

Your questions and my answers for our MMA mailbag are below.

uchoo786: Ask him why he has never directly spoken to Dana, because it seems like his manager is the real hinderance a UFC deal.
I did ask Fedor if he would meet one-on-one with UFC President Dana White while he's here in the United States. Unfortunately, Fedor (through the M-1 translator on the conference call) didn't give a clear answer.

WabKinew: Maybe I'm just pissed off, but I think that Fedor's refusal to fight in the UFC should send him down the P4P rankings.
Right now, I consider Fedor the best pound-for-pound fighter in MMA, and I don't think his refusal to fight in the UFC should move him down. But I do think if you're going to be considered the best, you have to keep fighting high-quality opposition. And if Fedor either sits out while he engages in long, drawn-out contract negotiations or starts fighting opponents who aren't among the Top 10 heavyweights in the world, his ranking will suffer. I believe Fedor is the greatest fighter in the world, but I also believe that great athletes need to test themselves against other great athletes. If Fedor doesn't do that, he's not the greatest anymore.

Also, remember this: At UFC 101 on August 8, Anderson Silva is moving up in weight class to face his toughest test yet, former light heavyweight champion Forrest Griffin. If Silva does something spectacular that day, like destroys Griffin in the first round, I could see Silva moving up to No. 1 in the pound-for-pound rankings.

joelmclaughlin: M-1 is either posturing to try and extract more $ for a UFC deal or they are delusional if they think they can compete.
I honestly don't know what M-1 thinks. I personally think the M-1 Challenge is an interesting concept that has produced some good fights, and I think the presence of Fedor in M-1 makes M-1 relevant in MMA. But M-1 can't compete with the UFC any more than the UFL can compete with the NFL.

WatchKalibRun: Do we know if there is some wiggle room around co-promotion for the UFC. As in call it co-pro but really dont?
Good question. M-1 keeps on insisting that for Fedor to fight in the Octagon, it has to be a UFC/M-1 co-promotion. But as far as I know, M-1 has never defined exactly what "co-promotion" means. I want to see Fedor in the UFC, so I would like to think there is some wiggle room, like maybe having M-1 logos in the Octagon for all of Fedor's fights. But my sense from both M-1 and the UFC is that they don't see any middle ground on the co-promotion front.

chrismichetti: Giant fail. Fedor is a moron being led by the blind.
I would definitely not describe Fedor as a moron. He's the best in the world at what he does and has earned the right to be demanding in his negotiations, even if most fans think his demands sound unreasonable.

Undertones: Ask Vadim what he thinks of Aleksander Emelianenko's recent statements about him manipulating Fedor for financial gain....And tell Vadim to drop dead. : )
Fedor's brother Aleksander criticized M-1 boss Vadim Finkelchtein, but when Fedor was asked about the dispute between Aleksander and Finkelchtein on the call, Fedor made clear that he sided with his manager,
saying, "Sometimes I cannot understand some acts of Aleksander."

John_S_Adams: LOL, until Fedor comes to the UFC and PROVES he's the best fighter in MMA, I for one won't believe it.
In fairness to Fedor, he has a stellar record against former UFC heavyweight champions, and so I do think he has proven that he deserves to be considered the heavyweight champion of MMA. But I know a lot of fans like you, John, who think it's time for Fedor to prove he's better than Brock Lesnar. I don't think that's going to happen.

savsci: With what M1 said on the call and the statement Barnett's attorney released today it sure sounds like a lawsuit is brewing.
I think multiple lawsuits are brewing. M-1's lawyer strongly implied that M-1 plans to sue Affliction for canceling Fedor's fight, saying, "
We will do everything to protect our rights in the courts of the United States."

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