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UFC Twitter Mailbag: BJ Penn, Kenny Florian, Anderson Silva and More

Today's UFC Twitter mailbag is all about UFC 101, with questions about UFC lightweight champion BJ Penn using a controversial trainer to prepare for his title defense against Kenny Florian, how Florian has improved as a fighter, and what Anderson Silva thinks about the crowd response to hist last two fights.

Your questions and my answers for our MMA mailbag are below.

MichaelDavSmith: BJ Penn says that if anything he overtrained for Georges St Pierre at UFC 94, now Marv Marinovich is giving him "awesome" training
injuryexpert: THAT Marinovich?

I tweeted during the UFC 101 conference call that Penn is working with the famous and controversial Marv Marinovich, and acclaimed injury expert Will Carroll replied by asking if Penn is really working with that Marinovich. Yes, he is.

Marinovich is best known for making the training of his son, Todd Marinovich, his life's work. Marv supposedly started doing stretching exercises on his son's hamstrings when Todd was just a month old, and he never allowed Todd to eat junk food of any kind. Marv was hailed as a visionary when his son starred at USC and became a first-round NFL draft pick, and then was ripped as the worst kind of football father when Todd's NFL career and personal life fell apart.

But no one disputes that Marv Marinovich knows his stuff when it comes to training athletes, and Penn is raving about what Marinovich has done for him. Penn says he's going into the Florian fight in the best shape of his life.

PJHarrison: Will BJ say Ken Flo cheated if he losses again?
It was clear on the UFC 101 call that Penn is still sensitive to criticism from those who say he's a whiner for accusing Georges St Pierre of cheating after their fight at UFC 94. No word on whether Penn will call Florian a cheater if Florian wins at UFC 101, but he did call Florian a liar on the media call promoting the fight. And Penn said he's sick of dealing with the MMA media and now relies on his own web site to get information to his fans.

drsippi: Florian, what are you doing differently for this fight, after the Sherk debacle?
Florian said that what he's been doing differently is training harder than ever before, and he said his goal every time he goes to the gym is to get 1% better. Florian has also tweeted regularly about the new training partners he's sought out for this fight. All indications are that both Penn and Florian are in the best shape of their careers heading into UFC 101.

yestomhughesyes: Can you ask Silva about crowd response to his last 2 fights, and if it shows fans see MMA as entertainment rather than sport?
Silva said on the UFC 101 call that he thinks people who booed him in his last fight don't understand MMA. In my view, MMA is both entertainment and sport. I think it's perfectly fine for Silva to say that his only goal is to win a fight and he doesn't care if the fans boo, but it's also perfectly fine for the UFC to reward the most exciting fighters with the Fight of the Night, Knockout of the Night and Submission of the Night bonuses. Silva apparently doesn't care if he gets those bonuses, as long as he keeps winning, but I think we're going to see a more motivated and aggressive Silva against Forrest Griffin.

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