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Mark Cuban: Affliction Did Right Thing

The demise of Affliction Entertainment will not simply go away after one press release. The fact of the matter is that they had a lot of partners involved. One of those partners was Mark Cuban's HDNet television network, which was scheduled to air the undercard of the now-canceled "Affliction: Trilogy."

FanHouse spoke to Cuban via e-mail about the fall of Affliction and his current relationship with the UFC. Check out the interview below.

Ariel Helwani: How surprised were you to hear that Affliction had canceled "Trilogy," and then joined forces with the UFC?
Mark Cuban: The surprise was Josh [Barnett] testing positive. From there, it was going to be a struggle to make things work with so little time before the event.

Did Affliction consult with you and/or anyone else at HDNet before making any of these decisions?
We definitely had an ongoing discussion with them about possible replacements. But the final decision was all theirs, and I think they did the right thing. I think their deal with the UFC was smart on the part of Affliction and UFC.

Did Affliction violate their contract with HDNet in any way by doing this?

What are your thoughts on the entire Josh Barnett situation?
Not really much to say. I feel bad for Josh. He is a good guy.

Are there any updates on HDNet's relationship with the UFC?
We continue to have conversations with the UFC.

Is it true that you are now a Zuffa bondholder? If so, how did that come about?
It's true. it was a good investment opportunity to take a significant position.

Are you free to elaborate on that position?
No. I'm not going to disclose any numbers.