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MMA Twitter Mailbag: UFC 107, Best Fighter to Interview

Our latest MMA Twitter mailbag delves into a rumored UFC 107 battle between Frank Mir and Cheick Kongo, and then goes into my own personal MMA dream interview.

Your questions and my answers for our MMA mailbag are below.

MMAUSA: What do you think about the rumors of Cheick Kongo vs. Frank Mir at UFC 107?
I love that fight, and I think it's great matchmaking. Kongo and Mir are two of the 10 best heavyweights in the UFC, both coming off fights in which they were beaten badly by bigger, stronger wrestlers, and both looking for the kind of bounce-back win that could steer them back toward title contention.

I also love that fight for the contrast of styles: Kongo loves to stand up and trade punches with his opponents. Mir loves to get guys down and submit them. The fight will be won by whoever is able to control the pace and set the tone.

Kongo vs. Mir hasn't been officially announced, and in fact UFC 107 hasn't even been officially announced. But it's apparently set for the December 12 at the FedEx Forum, with Rampage Jackson vs. Rashad Evans in the main event. Kongo vs. Mir is very worthy as the co-main, and I think that's going to be a great card.

beewsee: If you were granted an exclusive interview with any MMA star, who would it be and what would you ask?
I started to answer your question by listing the people you'd expect me to list: Fedor Emelianenko, Georges St Pierre, Anderson Silva, Lyoto Machida, Miguel Torres, and so on. I want interviews with the best fighters. But then something occurred to me: I've done one-on-one interviews with all those guys. And that's one of the great things about covering MMA: The fighters are almost always accessible and open, and they'll answer your questions.

So now I'm going to completely switch gears and tell you that if I could get an exclusive with any MMA fighter, it would have to be Lee Murray, who has had the most interesting life outside the Octagon of any UFC fighter I can think of -- and who would be the hardest interview to get.

Murray, for those who don't know, is a suspect in the largest cash heist in British history. He's currently in jail in Morocco, which is refusing to extradite him to the UK. I'd love to interview him about what went down that night, whether he ever expects to taste freedom, and what he would have done with the $15 million or so in cash that would have been his take of the loot. I also wouldn't mind asking him about his fight with Anderson Silva.

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