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Affliction, UFC Bury the Hatchet, T-Shirts Will Return to the Octagon

In what has to be viewed as a major victory for UFC President Dana White, one of the biggest feuds in mixed martial arts has come to an end, as Affliction and the UFC have buried the hatchet, with Affliction getting out of the MMA promotion business and getting back into the business of putting its T-shirts on the backs of UFC fighters.

Hours after Affliction announced that it had canceled its scheduled card for August 1, Kevin Iole reported that Affliction was dumping MMA promotions completely and would return as a UFC sponsor -- good news for the UFC, and for UFC fighters who wanted to make some extra money with Affliction sponsorships.

Interestingly, Affliction's decision to call off the card was apparently done without the knowledge of co-promoter M-1 Global, whose star, Fedor Emelianenko, was scheduled to fight in the main event. That leaves M-1 in the awkward position of having brought the best fighter in the world to the United States, and not having a fight for him lined up.

Fedor is expected to issue a statement late Friday, but for now, the big news is that "T-shirt guys" who were so often derided by White have now crawled back to him, and there's one fewer promoter in MMA. All because Josh Barnett failed a drug test.

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