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Affliction MMA Video: Babalu vs. Gegard Mousasi a 'Very Vicious Fight'

The Affliction MMA promotion is posting videos to YouTube to promote the August 1 Affliction Trilogy pay-per-view show, and the video hyping the fight between Gegard Mousasi and Renato "Babalu" Sobral is a good one.

The takeaway they want fans to get is this: "What we're going to see is a very aggressive, very technical, very vicious fight."

I like this video, and I like the use of YouTube to promote the fights. But I also think this video points to what a huge challenge Affliction has in promoting this show: The average American who plunks down $50 a month or so to buy UFC pay-per-views has no idea who Gegard Mousasi is, and if he's a relatively new fan he doesn't have any idea who Babalu is, either.

So this video serves mostly as an introduction to Mousasi and Babalu, whereas UFC promotional videos start from the assumption that the fans know who these fighters are. That means it's going to be a steep hill to climb for Affliction to make this work. But I've already made my pay-per-view purchase, and I'm very excited about this fight.