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Kimo Leopoldo Not Dead, Victim of Internet Prank

UFC old schooler Kimo Leopoldo is alive.

The rumors which circulated earlier today that the 41-year-old Leopoldo passed away from complications of a heart attack Monday night in Costa Rica are untrue, MMA FanHouse has learned from Leopoldo's publicist.

Further, within sixteen minutes after the truth came out, the internet prankster who started the rumor admitted that he fabricated the story.

The prankster began the rumor by posting on a popular internet forum and soon after, the story was picked up by numerous blogs and news sites -- including the New York Daily News, TMZ and

Leopoldo (10-7-1) is six-time UFC competitor and a two-time PRIDE fighter. The controversial heavyweight made his UFC debut at UFC 3 in September 2004, losing via submission to Royce Gracie. His last fight was a TKO loss to Wes Sims at an X-1 event in Hawaii on Oct. 6, 2006.