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Despite MMA Success, Bobby Lashley Still Wants to Be a Pro Wrestler

Bobby Lashley officially announced that he signed with Total Nonstop Action Wrestling last week. In the above video, which aired on Sunday's "TNA: Victory Road" pay-per-view telecast, Lashley tells Brandon Tierney of ESPN Radio 1050 that he "always wanted to come back to wrestling."

The former World Wrestling Entertainment star also says that he would like to face current UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar in an MMA match because, "Brock is a champion; I would like to be a champion. So I'm watching everything Brock does, and eventually I do want to fight Brock for that title."

No word just yet on what kind of deal Lashley has with TNA. He did say that he liked the fact that TNA only runs four shows a month, which indicates that he will probably only appear on their weekly television show and not local house shows.

Lashley has fought four times in less than a year, and according to a member of his camp, is now scheduled to return to action on October 3 in Denver (not September) to compete on another Prize Fight MMA show -- the same organization which promoted the recent "Ultimate Chaos" pay-per-view. An opponent has yet to be announced.

I was surprised to see Lashley sign with TNA simply because I thought he wanted to focus all his time and energy on improving his MMA career. Plus, considering how fired up he has gotten over the anti-wrestling remarks said by past opponents, I figured he would put that career on ice for the time being. Guess not.

And now it's certain that many of Lashley's detractors will react negatively to this news due to the stigma attached to wrestling in the MMA world. Lashley is almost asking for it. But if he can juggle both careers at the same time, more power to him. He just better be ready to receive a whole lot more criticism in the future.