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UFC 101 Video: Forrest Griffin vs. Anderson Silva 'an Opportunity'

Eight months ago, I interviewed Forrest Griffin and asked him whether he considered himself one of the truly elite fighters in MMA, like Anderson Silva. Griffin answered, "F**k no." But now that Griffin is getting ready to fight Silva at UFC 101, he says he thinks he has a big opportunity to prove himself.

"Fighting a guy like Anderson Silva gives you an opportunity to test yourself as a person," Griffin says. "Can I deal with this? Can I deal with the pressure? I was watching his tapes and I thought to myself, Man, he's making really good guys just look bad. He makes Dan Henderson look bad. He makes Rich Franklin look bad. I know those guys. Those are good fighters. And he's just making them look bad."

Griffin vs. Silva is actually the co-main event at UFC 101, with the lightweight title fight between BJ Penn and Kenny Florian serving as the main event. But I think Griffin-Silva is not just the biggest fight of the night, but perhaps the biggest fight of the year. It certainly is a big opportunity, for both Silva and Griffin.