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Dream Videos Now on YouTube: Melvin Manhoef on MMA, K-1

Following in the footsteps of its kickboxing cousin K-1, the Japanese Dream MMA promotion has a new YouTube channel, launched just in time to promote Monday's Dream 10 event. Above, Melvin Manhoef talks in one of the new Dream videos about the unusual scheduling situation that has him getting ready to fight Paulo Filho on Monday and then return to the ring to fight Ramazan Ramazanov on August 11.

"I'm used to this," Manhoef said. "The last time I fought in the Amsterdam Arena against Remy Bonjasky, and two weeks after that I fought Dae Won Kim, and I won the fight against Dae Won Kim. ... It should be fine. I like fighting, so this is my life, this is my job, and I have had like 18 fights in 20 months or 22 months, so it's OK."

I like that attitude. Obviously, fighters who are knocked out or suffer injuries need to take time off between fights, but if a fighter is healthy after a fight, I think he should get back into the ring as quickly as he can, rather than wait several months as UFC fighters usually do.

And, back to the point of this post, I really like the fact that Dream is putting videos on YouTube. This is a great way to market a whole side of MMA that most American fans miss out on.

Dream 10 is televised live on HDNet early Monday morning. FanHouse will have full coverage.