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UFC Twitter Mailbag: Bisping, Fitch, Fedor and the Next Champ to Lose

Our new UFC twitter mailbag features questions about UFC welterweight Jon Fitch, which UFC fighters could beat Fedor Emelianenko, and my prediction of which UFC champion will be the next to lose his belt. But we start with the brutal knockout at UFC 100.

How's Bisping doing after that crushing? --injuryexpert
Michael Bisping was given a two-month medical suspension after his knockout loss to Dan Henderson and is not allowed to have any contact until August 26, but he is expected back in the Octagon on November 14 at UFC 105 in his hometown of Manchester, England.

Why are people downplaying Fitch's victory? What should be his ranking in the WW division in your opinion? --OldLineDevil
I think the main reason people are downplaying Jon Fitch's win over Paulo Thiago at UFC 100 is that it felt like an anticlimax, coming after the main event. The UFC had a bit of a scheduling snafu and Fitch vs. Thiago was pushed to the very end of the show, and by that point, the fans at home were more interested in talking about Brock Lesnar than they were in watching one more fight. As for his ranking in the welterweight division, I think Fitch is the second best welterweight in MMA.

Michael- If you had to pick three current UFC fighters that have a possibility at beating Fedor... who would you pick, why? --Cobberto
I wouldn't pick anyone to beat Fedor, but if I had to pick three who could, I'd pick Brock Lesnar, Lyoto Machida and Shane Carwin, in that order. Lesnar would be a significant underdog, but he has close to 50 pounds on Fedor and might be able to stop him because of that strength and size advantage. I don't think Machida could do to Fedor what he did to Rashad Evans, but he might be able to use kicks more effectively and out-point Fedor, winning a decision. And Carwin, thought not quite as big and strong as Lesnar, might also be able to out-muscle Fedor. There are certainly some great fighters in the UFC who could challenge him, but I think Fedor would be every bit as great in the Octagon as he's been in the ring. I sure hope we get to find out some day.

Which champion will stay champ longest? Put the 5 UFC champs in chronological order of how soon they'll lose their belts. --MMAUSA
My best guess:
1. BJ Penn: I'm picking Penn to beat Kenny Florian at UFC 101 next month, but it wouldn't shock me if Florian won, so Penn might lose his belt on August 8. And even if he doesn't, I think Penn is the UFC champion in most danger of losing, simply because I question how long he'll stay motivated. When he's in shape and dedicated, Penn is one of the world's best mixed martial artists. He hasn't always been in shape and dedicated, though.
2. Brock Lesnar: I'll certainly pick Lesnar to lose his belt if the UFC ever signs Fedor, but I could also see Lesnar losing to Carwin.
3. Anderson Silva: The Spider is the oldest UFC champion, and he's likely to face Dan Henderson, the only opponent who has ever had him in any real trouble in the Octagon, for his next title defense.
4. Lyoto Machida: The Machida era is upon us, and it'll probably be a long era, because I just don't think any of the UFC's top light heavyweights match up well with him at all. I do think Shogun Rua has a better chance of beating him at UFC 104 than most people think, though.
5. Georges St Pierre: GSP has basically cleared out the welterweight division, and now he just needs to maintain his consistency. St. Pierre and Silva have each won six UFC title fights, three behind the UFC record of nine, which is shared by Randy Couture and Matt Hughes. I'm betting on Silva to lose (or maybe retire) before he gets to 10, but St. Pierre will get there.

Jesse Ventura was the king of antics in the day. He knows MMA doesn't need that, though. MMA stands on its own. --beewsee
I agreed with Ventura's comments about Lesnar's WWE-style antics after UFC 100, and you're right: Just because those antics work in pro wrestling, that doesn't mean there's a place for them in MMA. Incidentally, UFC President Dana White tweeted that he loves Jesse Ventura.

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