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Randy Couture Wants Another Shot at Brock Lesnar, Has a Game Plan

UFC President Dana White has said the winner of the UFC 104 battle between Shane Carwin and Cain Velasquez is likely to be Brock Lesnar's next opponent. But I think if Randy Couture beats Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira at UFC 102, a rematch between Couture and Lesnar might be too big for the UFC to pass up. And Couture says that's a fight he wants and a fight he thinks he can win.

"I would absolutely like another shot at Brock," Couture said on ESPN Radio 1100. "I think the first fight was going my way. I thought I had things moving and was doing the things I had trained to do."

But Couture said he underestimated the significance of Lesnar's 81-inch reach, and that's why he got caught with a big right hand that knocked him down and allowed Lesnar to get on top of him and pound him. He said he thinks that as long as he avoids that long reach on the feet and is able to keep Lesnar from getting on top of him, he can win a rematch.

"You definitely have to neutralize his ability to wrestle, and establish that top position, because he's going to be hard for anybody to be underneath," Couture said. "He's still not a terribly fluid, accurate striker, but he's still a great big guy that you don't want to get hit by. There are some areas there where you can find ways to get around him and beat him, you've just got to be sharp."

Couture also said he wants the first crack at Fedor Emelianenko if the UFC ever signs him, and he talked about an upcoming charity promotion in which he's auctioning off the opportunity to co-host an hour of radio with him.

Via Cage Writer.