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Randy Couture: Lyoto Machida Is 'Somebody I'd Like to Fight'

Randy Couture is making the media rounds in Portland to promote his August 29 UFC 102 fight with Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira, and in an interesting interview with On Portland, he indicated a desire to move back down from heavyweight to light heavyweight -- at least if it gave him a chance at the light heavyweight champion, Lyoto Machida.

"He's got a very unique style, very unorthodox, he stays true to his karate background and makes it work," Couture said. "I could certainly go back down to 205 if that was something they wanted to see. I'd be interested in competing against him. He's a tremendous competitor and somebody I'd like to fight."

I think it's highly unlikely that Couture will ever fight Machida, and if he does I think it's even more unlikely that he'd win, but I have to admit, there's a little bit of fanboy in me that would love to see him get the chance. So far no one has been able to solve Machida's unique style, but if there's anyone in MMA who could develop the right game plan for Machida, it's Couture.

Other comments from Couture's interview:
-- Couture is impressed that Brock Lesnar keeps getting better with every fight.
-- Couture still wants to fight Fedor Emelianenko, but he adds, "I'm not going to hold my breath."
-- Couture has one more fight on his UFC contract after the Nogueira fight, and after that, "we'll see."
-- Couture said if he wants one fight to define his career, it would be his victory over Tim Sylvia at UFC 68 in 2007.
-- Couture doesn't have any interest in coaching another season of The Ultimate Fighter.
-- Couture was pleased with his friend Dan Henderson's UFC 100 knockout of Michael Bisping, and the fight "went how I thought it would go."

Part 2 of the interview is below: