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Senator Orrin Hatch Asks About Nunchucks at Sotomayor Hearing

This has nothing to do with MMA, but it does have something to do with martial arts, and it's kinda funny, so let's take a look: At the Sonia Sotomayor Supreme Court hearing, Senator Orrin Hatch asked President Obama's nominee to the highest court in the land about ... nunchucks.

Yes, nunchucks, which Sotomayor referred to as "martial arts sticks" that can "bust up someone's skull." Hatch helpfully explained that nunchucks are "two sticks bound together by rawhide or something."

Apparently there was a Second Amendment case involving nunchucks, and Hatch doesn't agree with the way Sotomayor ruled. I don't have a fancy schmancy legal degree and so I don't know whether Hatch or Sotomayor is right about the case, but I do know it's very cool that nunchucks were discussed at a Supreme Court confirmation hearing.