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Dana White: Steve Mazzagatti Is the Worst Ref in History

UFC President Dana White had some harsh, and profane, words for referee Steve Mazzagatti in an appearance on the Opie & Anthony Show.

First, the background: In the run-up to UFC 100, Brock Lesnar sold his fight in part by turning it into a grudge match not just against his opponent, Frank Mir, but against Mazzagatti, the referee who worked the first Mir-Lesnar bout. Lesnar ripped Mazzagatti for standing up the fight after he hit Mir in the back of the head, and for failing to stop the fight quickly when he tapped out.White said Lesnar was right to be upset.

"Mazzagatti, as a referee?" White said. "This f**king guy shouldn't even be watching MMA on TV, let alone refereeing it. I think he's the worst ref in the history of any fight business, ever. He's horrible. We don't pick the refs. The athletic commission does. Those guys are picked by the government. It's not that I don't like him, he's a nice guy. He's an absolute nice guy, he has no business whatsoever being anywhere near mixed martial arts."

White also said:

--He expects the winner of the UFC 104 bout between Shane Carwin and Cain Velasquez to fight Lesnar next.
--He wants to sign Fedor Emelianenko but "it takes two people to make a deal."
--He didn't like Dan Henderson's comments about hitting Michael Bisping to shut him up.
--EA Sports, which now wants to make an MMA video game, wouldn't even take a meeting with the UFC a few years ago.
--Georges St. Pierre "wears tight shorts and a cup that's really big."

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Video via Cage Writer.