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Stats agree with Akiyama UFC 100 victory

Stats for UFC 100 agree with the final decision that Yoshihiro Akiyama was the rightful winner in his UFC debut against Alan Belcher Saturday in Las Vegas.

Scores were all over the place for the fight with 30-27 and 29-28 for Akiyama and 29-28 for Belcher, awarding Akiyama his thirteenth win out of fourteen tries (not including no contests).

FightMetric, which measures a fighter's total effectiveness by tracking strikes, takedowns, submissions and position advancement, gave Akiyama the fight 29-28 and in its "Total Performance Rating" Akiyama bested Belcher 72 to 55.

Through CompuStrike, Akiyama landed 99 total strikes compared to 78 by Belcher and scored on all three takedown attempts while Belcher attempted none. The only thing Belcher excelled at was leg/knee kicks, which he landed 29 to Akiyama's six.

The fight, an exciting opener to the televised card, was later declared Fight of the Night and both fighters were each awarded a $100,000 bonus by the UFC.