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K-1 Videos Now on YouTube

I'm a big fan of K-1, the Japanese kickboxing organization, and it's always disappointed me that in the United States, hardly anyone knows what K-1 is. But the folks running K-1 these days seem like they have some smart ideas about promoting their sport in the U.S., and here's another good example of that: K-1 now has a YouTube channel.

The channel currently consists of interviews with fighters as well as full videos of classic old fights like the Ivan Hippolyte vs Hiromu Yoshitaka match from 1994, above. You could have a good time wasting a couple of hours watching a bunch of old ones you've probably never seen before.

The big question to me is whether K-1 will put highlights of its current fights on YouTube. That's the model that the Bellator Fighting Championships used to attract a lot of MMA fans, and I think it's a perfect model for K-1, which has lots of highlight reel knockouts. If K-1 does that, it'll attract thousands of American fans who currently don't know what K-1 is.