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Jim Ross: Lesnar's level of competitiveness can be dangerous

WWE Hall of Fame color commentator Jim Ross backs Brock Lesnar's post-fight press conference comments that the UFC heavyweight champion's intensity inside the Octagon stems from his competitiveness.

"Lesnar's post match, unscripted remarks did not completely surprise me," Ross wrote on his blog. "Those that do not personally know Lesnar as do I need to understand that his level of intensity and fury is scary."

Ross, who has been with the WWE since 1993, was around Lesnar during Lesnar's tenure with the pro wrestling group from 2000-2004.

"Brock has said many things in private conversations that I have been a part of that would make one do a double take," Ross continued. "He is an intimidating, emotional jock who has been known for speaking first and thinking later. I don't think Brock is an inherently evil person whatsoever but his level of competitiveness can be dangerous."

Ross points to a match at Wrestlemania 19 in March 2003 where Lesnar botched a high flying move and landed face-first onto the mat. Lesnar attempt a "Shooting Star Press," which is basically a forward moving moonsault from the top rope. The move is typically done by lighter weight wrestlers, not by near 300-pounders.

"It's like Brock 'moonsaulting' at Wrestlemania 19 in Seattle against Kurt Angle when being advised not to prior to the bout," Ross explained. "Lesnar was told that men his size don't do top rope moonsaults which was the wrong thing to say to the former NCAA All-American and National Champion. Lesnar came close to tragically ending his athletic career that night while defying logic and doing what others told him that he could not do."

Lesnar basked in the jeers after the fight, flipping off fans and further inciting the crowd's boos with remarks that drew a backstage conversation later in the night with UFC president Dana White regarding conduct. In the pro wrestling realm, Lesnar is playing a perfect "heel," someone who makes his living by being hated.

"Lesnar is seemingly so detested right now by MMA purists and fanatics that they will continue to pay big money to see someone humble Lesnar and kick his ass," Ross said.

"...Bottom line is the next man to beat Lesnar is 'made.'"