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Bruce Buffer Pulls Off the 360 During Brock Lesnar Introduction

LAS VEGAS -- One of the fun. light-hearted storylines of UFC 100 weekend was whether or not we'd see the long-rumored "Buffer 360."

For those of you who missed it, yep, he pulled it off.

UFC ring announcer Bruce Buffer did the move during his introduction of Brock Lesnar during the main event. Buffer has become known for what is termed "the Buffer 180" when he starts in the direction of one fighter but does a quick, 180-degree swivel turn to the other during intros. UFC broadcaster Joe Rogan eventually asked him if he'd ever consider a 360 for a big event, and Buffer said he'd consider it.

The movement took on a life of its own across MMA forums and message boards with "Will he or won't he" conversations.

Just prior to the main event, Buffer walked past press row, and several reporters asked him if he was going to do it. Buffer smiled and said, "We'll see," before walking up the octagon ramp.

In a fun fact, this amateur footage was shot by UFC lightweight Joe Lauzon.