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Alan Belcher Tattoo: A Deformed Johnny Cash on the Left Arm

Alan Belcher's tattoo is raising a whole lot of questions in the hours after his split decision loss to Yoshihiro Akiyama at UFC 100, so let's clear up what it is: It's Johnny Cash. Except it's a deformed Johnny Cash.

The tattoo looks to me like Belcher got it when he was younger, and through strength training he's built up the muscles in his arms and made Johnny's face look a little lumpy. That makes it, frankly, look like it's a little bit deformed, with all due respect to Belcher. And that's why no one can tell what it is, and everyone is googling "Alan Belcher tattoo."

So why does Belcher have a Cash tattoo on his arm? I've never heard him go into much detail about it, other than he's a Mississippi boy who's a big Johnny Cash fan. Oddly, he didn't use Johnny Cash for his entrance music, instead choosing Bob Dylan's Hurricane.

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