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UFC 100 Video: Brock Lesnar Wants to Leave, Dana White Gets Him to Stay

Brock Lesnar was in a surly mood at the UFC 100 press conference on Thursday, as the Ultimate Fighting Championship's heavyweight champion complained about the chair he was sitting in and declared his intention to leave early, before UFC President Dana White got in his way.

"We could all stand up here all day long and I'm not gonna," Lesnar said, shortly after making a crack about the cheap chair that had been provided to him at the Mandalay Bay. "I'm gonna exit the building as soon as I get done talking here."

And with a few more words, Lesnar started to walk out, only to have White reach out to shake his hand and try to pull him back in. Lesnar did, in fact, comply with the boss's request that he stay for the rest of the press conference.

White was asked afterward what he said to Lesnar, and he answered, "'Sit down.' He was trying to leave the UFC 100 press conference. ... I'm telling you, nobody wants my job. Everybody thinks it looks good; it's no fun. Try telling a 400-pound guy to sit down."

Video via Fox Fight Game.