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Josh Barnett Picks Brock Lesnar Over Frank Mir at UFC 100

First it was Randy Couture. Then it was Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira. And now we can add Josh Barnett's name to the growing list of MMA heavyweights who think Brock Lesnar will beat Frank Mir in the main event at UFC 100.

Barnett said on HDNet's Inside MMA that he believes Mir has been inconsistent and has not shown he can withstand the kind of punishment that Lesnar can dish out.

"Frank Mir had a good fight coming back against Nogueira," Barnett said. "Probably the best fight of his entire career. But one fight over an entire career? You look at the way fights have gone from him, it's either been a quick submission or he gets pummeled to death and he tires out. I think when you look at consistency, is this a new Frank Mir? I don't think so, until I see some consistency. Is he a good, dangerous fighter? Absolutely. But that size, that power and that ability, if Brock plays a good game and stifles Mir's offense early on, he's just going to bludgeon him over and over again and eventually the castle is going to crumble with Mir, and Lesnar's going to walk out of there with the belt."

I think Barnett is selling Mir a little short there, but what I really hope is that we get to see the Mir vs. Lesnar winner take on the Barnett vs. Fedor Emelianenko winner, and then we can stop talking about who the best heavyweight in MMA is and find out in the cage.