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Dana White: Who the F--- Is Fedor? If He Signs With UFC He'll Fight the Best

We're a day away from UFC 100, and the mainstream media hype for this biggest of MMA events is heating up. But not all the attention is the kind UFC President Dana White would want.

Sean Gregory and James Osborne have a good piece in Time Magazine that says it's a black eye for the UFC that Fedor Emelianenko -- who's universally regarded as the best heavyweight in MMA and considered by many the best fighter in any weight class in the history of the sport -- is fighting for Affliction and M-1 Global.

The Time piece compares Fedor fighting in Affliction with Peyton Manning in the CFL or Tiger Woods in the Nationwide Tour, and it goes into all the reasons that the best fighter and the biggest promoter can't come to terms on a contract. And then there's this from White:
"Let me put it to you this way, I've done fight contracts with all the best fighters in the world," he said, working his way to the knockout blow. "With big huge superstars, Brock Lesnar, Chuck Liddell, the list goes on and on. Who the f--- is Fedor? Are you serious? The guys who fight for me have a chance to make a lot more money fighting with me than with anybody else. If he signed with us, he'd find his place in history, find out if he really is the best heavyweight in the world. It's all semantics. It's all bulls---."
I think White is right when he suggests that Fedor's place in history will be missing something if he never fights in the UFC, but I also think that the UFC is missing something as long as Fedor isn't in the organization. It's long past time for the best promotion and the best fighter to sit down, figure out a way to put their differences behind them, and give the hard-core MMA fans what they're dying for: Fedor in the Octagon.