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UFC 100 Video Blog: Dana White Says DNA Is Why MMA Will Be No. 1

In the latest installment of the UFC 100 video blog, UFC President Dana White makes his oft-repeated claim that MMA will soon be the world's most popular sport. When a reporter tells White he doesn't buy it, White explains that it's a simple matter of human genetics.

"You take four corners anywhere, any major city, anywhere in the world," White says. "On one corner they're playing soccer. On the second corner they're playing basketball. On the third corner they're playing street hockey. On the fourth corner a fight breaks out. Where does the crowd go?"

And then White answers his own question: "They go to watch the fight. The guys that are even playing the other sports will stop playing those sports and run over and watch the fight. It's human nature. It's in our DNA. Whether we like it or not, fighting was the first sport ever created. As soon as man was put on this earth, a punch was thrown. It's who we are."

I personally don't think MMA will ever be more popular than football in the United States or soccer in the rest of the world, but I like White's way of thinking: There's something so basic about fighting that makes it, in many ways, the purest of sports.

We'll have round-by-round UFC 100 results and a UFC 100 live blog on Saturday night here at FanHouse.