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Mirko 'Cro Cop' could be back with UFC at UFC 103

Flying to meet with Mirko "Cro Cop" last week at his home in Croatia, UFC co-owner Lorenzo Fertitta reportedly made the striker "an offer he couldn't refuse." And it's appearing that Cro Cop has accepted.

Junior Dos Santos is telling Portal de Lutas that he has been removed from a UFC 102 fight against Justin McCully for a match against Cro Cop at UFC 103 in Dallas. It's a step up in competition that Dos Santos is pleased with.

"To me it's incredible," Dos Santos told Portal de Lutas. "When they asked me if they could change the fight date I was a bit bothered, because I wanted to fight right away. I've been away for some time now. But the Fertitta brothers asked me and I accepted. After that I found out it would be against Cro Cop and was overjoyed. It'll be a big opportunity in my career. Lots of good things have happened in my life and this is one more."

Mirko Cro Cop made his return to the UFC in June at UFC 99 and defeated Mostapha Al Turk via TKO in the first round. But within a few hours, Cro Cop had already bolted to DREAM, according to UFC president Dana White.

When Jon Fitch had his promotional contract terminated by White last November due to a contract dispute, it was Ferttita who essentially played "good cop" to White's "bad cop." Fitch signed the merchandising agreement and was brought back into the UFC following a talk with Feritta. Fitch would later say that it was never about the contract but with White's overbearing approach.

In this case, though it was Fertitta who secured the deal, it wasn't White's approach but Cro Cop's desire to fight more frequently. A fight at DREAM 10 on July 20 had already been ready for Cro Cop. That fight, against "Mighty Mo," will be scrapped if Cro Cop proceeds with the UFC 103 fight.