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UFC events headed towards Blu-Ray

The UFC has signed a deal with Anchor Bay Entertainment that will see UFC pay-per-view events available for the first time on Blu-Ray.

Previously there were only two UFC releases on Blu-Ray, "UFC: Ultimate Comebacks," and "UFC: Best of 2008." Anchor Bay will also take over First Look Studios' role as the distributor of UFC DVDs. Navarre remains the exclusive DVD distributor for Spike TV's "The Ultimate Fighter" television show.

This Saturday's UFC 100 will be one of the first releases later this year.

"Anchor Bay Entertainment is one of the leading distributors of fitness DVDs and has released some of the top independent titles in Hollywood," White said in a statement. "Working with Anchor Bay, fans can get the most exciting live event in the world on DVD or Blu-Ray, and see the greatest fights ever from UFC."