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UFC 100 Video: Brock Lesnar Infuriated By Frank Mir, Steve Mazzagatti

Brock Lesnar has two reasons to be happy about UFC 100: He's getting a rematch with Frank Mir (who beat him at UFC 81), and Steve Mazzagatti is not the referee this time. But Lesnar doesn't seem happy.

Lesnar has made no secret that he despises Mazzagatti, the ref who worked the first Mir-Lesnar fight. In that fight, Lesnar was dominating Mir on the ground until he hit Mir on the back of the head and Mazzagatti stood the fighters up to deduct a point from Lesnar for an illegal blow. Lesnar believes that was a mistake on Mazzagatti's part, and a mistake that cost him the first fight.

And as he prepares for the rematch on Saturday night, Lesnar is getting motivated by anger toward Mazzagatti, both for the stand-up and for what Lesnar believes was Mazzagatti's slow reaction to Lesnar tapping out when Mir caught him in a knee bar.

"I don't know how many times I had to tap his leg," Lesnar said on the Countdown to UFC 100 promotional show. "Mazzagatti was a f**king d**khead. He should have been thrown out of the f**king arena. I'd like to punch his f**king mustache right off his face."

Lesnar ended his interview on the Countdown show by saying, "How many times did I tap his leg, with Mazzagatti -- man, I hate that f**king guy." And with that, he stormed out of the room, breaking a door in the process.

This, folks, is how you sell a fight.

We'll have live UFC 100 results and a UFC 100 live blog on Saturday night here at FanHouse.