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Ken Hahn: 'We're Not Going to Let Him Go. We're Going to Break Something'

Ken Hahn is not a well-known MMA trainer to casual fans the way Greg Jackson is, but those who know the sport well know that he has an excellent reputation as a striking coach. Hahn has been working with Frank Mir for years, so it's interesting to hear his comments about where Mir stands in the last few days leading up to his UFC 100 matchup with Brock Lesnar.

Hahn told that Mir will be the biggest he's ever been while also being in the best shape. It is difficult to put on size and also improve stamina, but Hahn is convinced his charge is ready to potentially go five rounds with the 280-pound Lesnar.

"We really established his training," Hahn said. "He's doing nothing but training. Basically, the biggest thing was switching from being a fighter to a martial artist. If you're a fighter, then you just train whenever your fight comes up, but a martial artist trains day-in, day-out regardless of whether he has a fight or not. So he's in better shape now because of that mentality."

Mir has been accused in the past of being lazy in training camp and not putting in maximum effort. Hahn agreed that there was some element of truth to that criticism, but said that Mir, who recently turned 30, is more mature now and understands that his physical gifts alone cannot win every fight.

Clearly confident in Mir's chances, at around the three-minute mark, Hahn gives his prediction for the fight and says, "this time, we're not going to let him go. We're going to break something."