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UFC 100 Videos: Dan Henderson vs. Michael Bisping

The Ultimate Fighting Championship has posted UFC 100 videos hyping the Dan Henderson vs. Michael Bisping fight, with both fighters talking about their strategy and their thoughts on how they can win the fight.

"He's fought a who's who of mixed martial artists. All the big names he's fought, and he's beaten a lot of them as well," Bisping says of Henderson. "If I go out there and fight the way I can fight, I know I can beat him."

Henderson says he knows he's a better fighter than Bisping, and that he just needs to make sure he's in good enough shape for the fight.

"The only thing he has going for him is probably his cardio," Henderson says of Bisping. "I'm going to focus on that and make sure that isn't a factor in this fight. I think if I don't even set one foot in the gym and work on any technique or wrestling or anything for this fight, and did just cardio, I'd still beat him up. I'm a better fighter, I'm more experienced, and that's there. I just want to make sure my conditioning is there."

Henderson also talks about his wrestling advantage, while Bisping says that when his opponents have taken him down in the past, he's always been able to get back up. My own feeling is that Bisping won't be able to get back up so easily against a great wrestler like Henderson, and I see Henderson winning this fight.