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Misaki to remain on Sengoku card, but no purse, title shot

2006 PRIDE 183-pound Grand Prix winner Kazuo Misaki will compete as scheduled on the August 2 Sengoku 9 card, but he'll be doing so for free and without the opportunity for a future title shot.

World Victory Road, the parent company of Sengoku, decided today to keep Misaki on the card but the fight will only be a number one contender bout for his opponent Kazuhiro Nakamura. If Nakamura wins, he will take on middleweight champion Jorge Santiago at a later date.

Misaki will be indefinitely suspended immediately following the conclusion of the bout and his entire purse will go directly to charity for AIDS prevention.

Misaki is being punished for an incident on March 19 where he fled the police after being asked to stop for driving while talking on his cell phone. Misaki entered a guilty plea last Thursday and was sentenced to one year in jail with three years suspended.