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Brock Lesnar at 275, Won't Have Trouble Making Weight for UFC 100

The Ultimate Fighting Championship has a 265-pound limit for its heavyweight division, but that weight limit usually doesn't matter because most fighters weigh well under 265 pounds. For UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar, however, it's a little bit different.

Lesnar, the enormous former WWE star, has to get into the sauna to sweat off a few pounds on weigh-in day to get down to 265. But he told me today that he won't have any trouble making the 265-pound limit when he fights Frank Mir at UFC 100, and that his current weight of 275 is just right for the heavyweight class.

"It's not difficult for me," Lesnar said on a call to promote UFC 100. "This camp, I've made weight three or four different times during the camp. I've been watching it, eating really well, and it's not a huge task for me to make 265. I do have to put some thought into it, and a little extra effort, but it's not difficult."

Lesnar will probably be about 20 pounds heavier than Mir when they step into the Octagon on July 11, but he added that he doesn't think size and strength are going to be the determining factors in the fight.

"It just so happens that the weight limit is 265 and that's exactly what I weigh the night before," Lesnar said. "Come fight night, whether it's him or me, somebody's got to be better that night, and that's what we'll have to wait and see for."