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DREAM.9 Results: No contest for 'Mayhem' vs. 'Jacare'

Jason "Mayhem" Miller and Ronaldo Jacare will have to wait another day to vie for the vacant DREAM middleweight championship. The title bout between the two today ended in a no contest.

Miller delivered an accidental and illegal kick to the head of a sitting Jacare early in the first round, opening a gash on the Brazilian's forehead. They were given a chance to continue at first but after the blood continue to ride down Jacare's face, a time out was called and officials decided to declare the fight a no contest.

It was a woefully inadequate ending to a fight that was the biggest of the careers of both fighters thus far. When the fight was called off, Miller shed tears next to his cornermen, while Jacare stood around the opposite corner with a towel wrapped around his head to conceal the cut.

The video package previewing the fight was comical and outright cartoonish, but by staredown, trash-talking was in full effect.

Tension was further elevated between the two when Jacare was pulled away to have his cut examined for the second and final time. Miller, disgusted with the situation, yelled out an expletive which Jacare took offense to. The expletive -- which may or may not have been targeted at Jacare -- angered Jacare and the grappling champion had to be restrained by the referee.

In a shocking upset, Joe Warren -- in only his second professional fight -- defeated Norifumi "KID" Yamamoto by split decision. The loss was only Yamamato's second of his entire career. Yamamoto was the only fighter to receive a bye in the Featherweight Grand Prix and was the heavy favorite against the Greco-Roman wrestler. Warren has arguably the best start of any MMA fighter's career, first beating a former WEC champion (Chase Beebe) and now one of the most highly sought-after fighters in the world.

Advancing with Warren to the semifinals of the DREAM Featherweight Grand Prix are winners Hideo Tokoro, Hiroyuki Takaya and Bibiano Fernandes.

Meanwhile, Ikuhisa Minowa, Hong Man Choi, Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou and Gegard Mousasi were victorious in the Super Hulk open-weight tournament.

In the only non-tournament and non-title bout of the evening, Tatsuya Kawajiri earned the unanimous decision over JZ Calvan.

  1. Ikuhisa Minowa def. Bob Sapp via submission (achilles lock) - R1 (Super Hulk)
  2. Hong Man Choi def. Jose Canseco via submission (punches) - R1 (Super Hulk)
  3. Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou def. Jan Nortje via TKO (punches) - R1 (Super Hulk)
  4. Gegard Mousasi def. Mark Hunt via submission (kimura) - R1 (Super Hulk)
  5. Tatsuya Kawajiri def. JZ Calvan via unanimous decision
  6. Hideo Tokoro def. Abel Cullum via submission (RNC) - R2 (FW GP)
  7. Hiroyuki Takaya def. Yoshiro Maeda via TKO (punches) - R1 (FW GP)
  8. Bibiano Fernandes def. Masakazu Imanari via unanimous decision (FW GP)
  9. Joe Warren def. Norifumi "KID" Yamamoto via split decision (FW GP)
  10. Ronaldo "Jacare" fought Jason "Mayhem" Miller to a no contest