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Underdog Rashad Evans Bets on Himself At UFC 98

In most sports, an athlete betting money on his own competition would be a major no-no. But in boxing and mixed martial arts, it's considered completely acceptable for a fighter to put money on himself.

And that's what UFC light heavyweight champion Rashad Evans has done. Evans, in Las Vegas to fight Lyoto Machida Saturday night at UFC 98, says that he stopped by a casino and put down some money -- he won't say how much -- on himself to win the fight.

Adam Hill of the Las Vegas Review-Journal quotes Evans as saying:
"I'm coming into this fight still the underdog. Every time I fight, people pick against me. ...

"Most of (Machida's) fights, I've seen something I can use for myself. He doesn't get hit much, but he does have holes."
Even though he's the champion, Evans is a -210 underdog, meaning that if he bet, say, $10,000 on himself, he'll collect $21,000 from the casino if he pulls it out. I'm picking Machida, but I like Evans' confidence.