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Mike Pyle to replace Chris Wilson at UFC 98

Welterweight Mike Pyle (17-5-1) will replace Chris Wilson (13-5) against Brock Larson (26-2) Saturday at UFC 98 "Evans vs Machida" in Las Vegas.

Wilson made it public today that he could not get medically approved by the Nevada State Athletic Commission and that Pyle will be stepping in for him.

"Mike Pyle is stepping in to replace me at the last minute," Wilson said. "Mike is a great guy and a great fighter and it's nice to see him get in the UFC, just not at my expense. I wish him the best though because he deserves it and is a friend."

UFC president Dana White confirmed Thursday that Pyle has been training for Saturday as a standby but did not disclose who could potentially leave the card. White said he was hoping Pyle's role on Saturday would be as a spectator and not a competitor.

"Hopefully he gets to come out here, hang out and watch the fights," White said.

Pyle has stepped foot in practically every major promotion except for the UFC. The submission fighter out of Xtreme Couture has competed for Strikeforce, EliteXC, WEC, IFL, Affliction and Sengoku.

The month of May has been far from kind to Wilson. Just last week Wilson faced a life-threatening situation at his home in Brazil.

"As I came into the apartment complex, a guy held me up at gunpoint and then he called his friends," Wilson told the Canadian Press. "And then a total of five people came up to the apartment. They were armed and my family was in the bathroom -- I've got two kids -- so it was just a terrible situation."

And now his fight has been cancelled the day before the fight while still in the process of cutting weight.

"When it rains it pours," Wilson said of his recent struggles.

Wilson will be slotted in a future UFC card as soon as a fight has an opening for a welterweight.