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Video: Lyoto Machida KOs Rich Franklin

A lot of MMA fans have a weird tendency to view Lyoto Machida solely through the prism of his first few UFC fights, when he took a fairly cautious approach and won by decision. So I'm posting the video of Machida's 2003 win over Rich Franklin for those who want a more complete view of Machida's career. Round 1 is above; Round 2 is below.

Round 2:

Before meeting Machida, Franklin was 12-0, finishing all 12 opponents. And yet Machida, fighting professionally for just the third time, absolutely demolished him.

I understand why some people think Machida's elusive style is less fun to watch than someone who's always on the attack like, say, Wanderlei Silva in his prime. But I think Machida has been a more dominant, more active fighter than he gets credit for, and I expect him to put together another impressive showing against Rashad Evans at UFC 98.