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Satoshi Ishii trains at Machida Dojo

Satoshi Ishii, the Beijing Olympic judo gold medalist, recently returned from a trip to Brazil, Sportsnavi reported Tuesday.

He trained at Machida Dojo where Lyoto Machida's father ran for 2.5 months. While staying in Brazil, he contracted Malaria and was hospitalized in April, and he got kicked in the face by Lyoto and dislocated his jaw in the beginning of May. On the way coming back to Japan, he stopped by at Renzo Gracie Academy in NY and trained for 2 days. Ishii said, "Through training in Brazil, I conquered my fear of getting punches. I can see punches very well now."

As for his debut, he said, "I haven't decided where to fight yet, but I want to debut in 2009. I have to be a champion in the US and be famous. I am determined to be a Hollywood star."

He is going to train in Japan for a month. "I want to go to Russia or the Netherlands next. I want to train with Fedor Emelianenko."