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Dana White gives 'E:60' piece the thumbs down

UFC president Dana White, as he expected, was not happy with his feature on ESPN's "E:60" program.

"The 'E:60' thing was a piece of [expletive]," White told the Boston Herald. "Same old [expletive] story, same old [expletive]."

The segment posed the question of whether or not the UFC could be taken to the next level under the leadership of a brash president with a profanity-laced tongue.

White had joked with the Las Vegas Review-Journal, "I'll have to watch it to see how big of a [expletive] they make me look like."

White was disappointed that the piece didn't explore any new topics, but rather included Tito Ortiz, Pat Miletich and New York lawmaker Bob Reilly -- well-tread topics guaranteed to create drama.

"I got the [Armed Forces Humanitarian Award] two [expletive] months ago," White said in the Boston Herald report. "Did you see that in there? They go out and find three people -- Tito Ortiz, Pat Miletich and some [expletive] guy that doesn't like the UFC in New York -- and that's what the [expletive] story is about? [Expletive] them. It's the same story I've seen a million times."

The piece itself wasn't a necessarily a negative portrayal of White. "E:60" looked at White's business savvy, hard work and passion for the sport as a major reason why mixed martial arts is the fastest growing sport in America.