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Rashad Evans on Lyoto Machida's unique fighting style

UFC light-heavyweight champion Rashad Evans (13-0-1) says simulating Lyoto Machida (14-0)'s fighting style at the gym is all a matter of breaking the style down to bits and pieces.

"You know there's just certain aspects that he does," Evans told reporters last week. "And his movement may mask it a little bit but it's simple -- the simple principles what he's trying to do that you look for. And if you get a couple of guys who does those principles like he does then you can find some partners that give you the same look."

Another difficultly in preparing for a guy like Machida is simply his dominance. Machida has never lost a round in the process of compiling his 6-0 record in the UFC. However, Evans said he's not worried about the lack of footage available showcasing Machida's possible weaknesses.

"You know it doesn't present any problems you know," Evans said. "Watching somebody fight, breaking them down, sometimes the best evidence you get is when they're not really a weakness that somebody else hasn't been exploited it's just something that you may be able to do or something you think you may be able to do you know. And watching Machida's tapes I've definitely seen enough that I can do myself in areas that fits into what I do well. So I'm not worried about it."

Often labeled "elusive" by UFC commentator Joe Rogan, Machida's excellent foot work has made him very difficult to prepare let alone fight against. And as a southpaw with a background in karate, his unusual posture distinguishes himself from every other mixed martial artist.

"You know he's got an interesting style," Evans said. "It's pretty tricky at times but I think that anybody going against him is going to have their own way of doing things. And they're going to have their own style. So it's just making simple adjustments and you know it should be all right."

Evans will look to to remain the one without a blemish on his record at the conclusion of UFC 98 on Saturday, May 23 in Las Vegas.