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B.J. Penn Still Bitter Over UFC 94, Never Wants to Fight in Las Vegas Again

Four months after losing to Georges St Pierre at UFC 94, UFC lightweight champion BJ Penn is still angry that the Nevada State Athletic Commission didn't take action against St. Pierre for having grease rubbed on his body during the fight. In fact, Penn says he's so angry that he never wants to fight in Las Vegas again.

"To me, Keith Kizer can't be trusted," Penn said today on the DAM Morning Show. "The head of the athletic commission can't be trusted. I never want to fight under the Nevada State Athletic Commission again, so I don't know when's the next time you're going to see me in Vegas."

That's a rather shocking statement, considering that many of the biggest UFC events take place in Las Vegas. But Penn sounded serious about it, and he sounded like he's not afraid to antagonize Kizer, the head of America's most powerful state athletic commission.

"I thought the Athletic Commission was there for your health and safety, not to d**k you around," Penn added. "I love Las Vegas, without a doubt. I just don't like the athletic commission. It's dangerous for any human being."

Penn will defend his lightweight title against Kenny Florian at UFC 101 on August 8 in Philadelphia.

Thanks to Dave Farra of MMA Fix and the DAM Morning Show on for the tip.