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UFC 98 Video: Matt Serra vs. Matt Hughes 'A Real Grudge Match'

The concept of the "grudge match" is such a cliche that it sounds kind of silly to say it at all. And yet as the above video shows, the Matt Serra vs. Matt Hughes fight at UFC 98 is, in the words of Joe Rogan, a real grudge match.

Some of the comments the two of them make in the video include:

Hughes: "The only way I can shut him up is to hit him in the mouth."

Serra: "There's nobody in the world I'd rather fight right now. As a person I don't respect him much. ... I don't like the guy. I don't think he's a good guy. He's such a d**k of a person."

Hughes: "He's such a terrible ambassador for the sport."

Serra: "I've got an idea, why don't you go f**k yourself?"

Hughes: "I'll tell you this for sure: I've got one more fight left in me. And Matt Serra better come up with a game plan right now."

Serra: "Matt Hughes, he is a d**k. He's a very talented d**k, but I'm looking forward to the fight. I feel like a winner already, just knowing I get to hit him in his face."

Watching these two guys pound on each other next weekend will be a lot of fun.